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Creditors Winding Up

  • This particular mode of WoC is the most popular, least costly and speedy option available to the Creditors of the Companies and therefore, we are very much demanded in this particular area. We have a long list of clients who have requested to pursue the winding up matters in order to recover their dues and we have defended many of the Corporate clients in this kind of issues. Why and when one can file a winding up of companies Petition? In case, the company is indebted for RS. 500 or more and the amount is provable or admitted by the company, the creditor may file a Winding Up Petition before the Hon’ble High Court in order to recover the amount and if the company shows its inability to pay then liquidation/winding of the company. And the other popular mode of winding of companies is the members/voluntary winding up. This mode is sought when the members/shareholders of the company want to wind up the operations of the company and for that they have to pass a special resolution and then file a petition before the hon’ble Court. We also appear before other statutory authorities, courts, boards and tribunals on behalf of our clients, which are as under.