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Our Services

Company Law

  • Striking off the Name of the Companies
  • Revival/Restoration of the Name of the Companies
  • Management/Board of Directors related Matters (Consultancy and Litigation)
  • Shareholders/Members related Matters (Consultancy and Litigation)
  • Creditors related Matters (Consultancy and Litigation)
  • Registrar of Companies Matters
  • Regional Directors Matters
  • Official Liquidators Matters
  • Company Law Board Cases
  • SFIO Cases
  • SEBI Matters
  • Stock Exchanges Issues
  • Under the Companies Act, 1956/Companies Act, 2013 We provide services in relation to Companies Act, 1956/Companies Act, 2013 in all the streams and the services begin from Incorporation of Companies and we maintain the Annual Records as per the legal as well as clients requirements. We make the Annual Filings/Compliances of records as per the Companies Act, 1956/2013 and as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through a team of expert Company Secretaries associated with us. We assist the Corporate clients through our Company Advisory and reach them to the Company Solutions and we also make Due Diligence (All Legal Aspects) in order to bring out the infirmities and then suggesting solutions and also correcting the system infirmities.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring: We are the team of best lawyers with knowledge and expertise of being Company Secretaries, expert in the field of Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring. We provide all sort of services related to Mergers & Acquisitions from drafting of Scheme of Amalgamation, Arrangement etc. to make presentation in the Courts of Law and also get clearances from the Statutory Authorities.
  • Takeovers We help the clients in all kinds of Legal Takeovers of other Companies and in relation to this we provide all kind of legal consultancy and legal support.
  • Winding Up of Companies (W0C) There are different modes of Winding of Companies but the most popular amongst all are the Creditors winding up and members/voluntary winding.